About us

We are an enterprise focused on the development of inquiries specially for hotel units, our specialty is the input and output of the information itself.

We are an enterprise focused on the development of inquiries specially for hotel units, our specialty is the input and output of the information itself.

We are an enterprise focused on the development of inquiries specially for hotel units, our specialty is the input and output of the information itself!

  • More than 15 different questions
  • Visual Identity and customized logo
  • Page and logical questions /branching
  • Responsive mobile app
  • The surveys can be sent through any device

Get advice by us

We have a team of experts at your disposal, focused on providing a high level support we help you in everything.

We help you with the elaboration of the design of your questionnaires and with the collection of the responses obtained from your clients.

Find out which questions are the best to include into your inquiry in order to ensure a qualitative feedback of your clients.

Get access to our support via email or phone in a quick and efficient way, we offer many hints for the creation of your inquiries.

Get monthly detailed reports that contribute to the implementation of significant changes within your hotel.

Make use of our robust analytics to make smart decisions for your business. Get answers in real time, separate and filter data to reveal insights and share easily graphics and presentation-ready reports.
Real-time results
Analysis of the results
Integration with PMS
Custom reports
Do you need of more efficiency and customization for all your hotel? Manage multiple users with ease, streamline the provision of its services and customer service, manage all your questionnaires with more dynamism in one place with the Hotel Inquiries.
Consolidated management of the accounts
24- hour support and assistance
Handle your organization's data
Get constant feedback from your clients
Various hotel groups rely on Hotelinquiries. The security of your database is our first priority, we apply the latest technology to protect and ensure that your insights remain only in your power.
Protected data and validation with TRUSTe
General management of the accounts(Enterprise)



Settings are made in the Linux server and in the Cloud and data Centers in Europe.


Common problems are solved in a continuous process and constant review and improvement of the development of our initial solution.


Access your inquiries through any device, we created a product with an appealing design, simple, efficient and easy to use.


Obtain with us surveys in multiple languages, anticipate your move and surprise your clients by simplifying the communication between your hotel and your customers through multilingual inquiries.


The sending of surveys is automatic and configured from your PMS, Cron, or manually in the Backoffice.


We provide detailed reports, separate and filter out all the data in order to reveal insights and share them with ease with the respective departments of the hotel group.


Enable access to multiple users of your choice making it easier to share relevant data in order to provide the improvement of services and care.

Customization service

Our team will assist you in all the steps, from the creation of custom surveys, to its implementation and integration into your hotel.

Reach your target audience!


Hotel Groups that have joined the Hotelinquiries with satisfaction.


Currently integrated with the Host PMS / InovGuest PMS

It offers the advantage of being able to apply the same concepts and nomencladores which are used in the management of a hotel , such as Nationalities, Markets, Customer Types, Departments, Services, etc.

Dynamic statistical analyses

One and the same Survey can be repeated regularly in order to get additional statistical analyses in a given period, the produced series of data over time are helpful for the dynamic evolution of the indicators and can be used in a follow-up of the results of the implemented measures.

Configurable reports

The user himself can choose the combinations of some indicators in order to produce custom reports. Even the forms which are used in the surveys can be freely designed and printed for direct use in the data collection.

Application in Hotel Groups

There will be two versions available of the module Surveys: one is for the treatment of only one Hotel and the other one is for the use and consolidation of the information of various Hotels.


Get qualitative feedback through surveys!

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